Business Valuations: Deep Dive with a Certified Business Valuator

I had the pleasure to be a guest on the Life After Business Podcast with Ryan Tansom. I recommend following his Podcast, he covers some excellent topics!

Podcast Notes

Welcome to the first episode of my three-part series about evaluating your company. I start my series with Brandon Hall, the owner and founder of BGH Valuation. Brandon and his team perform certified business valuations, so businesses can comfortably go to the negotiation table.

We discuss how Brandon evaluated businesses and that means for the business owner and their company’s prospects. It is important for you to know your company’s worth. Brandon can help you get your numbers and be more confident when you approach buyers, loan officers, other legal processes (such as divorce.)

What you will learn:

  • The other guests I will be including in my 3 part series.

  • Brandon’s beginnings in accounting and the beginning of BGH.

  • Why people come to Brandon and his team.

  • What is a certified valuation?

  • How technology has changed valuations.

  • Common misconceptions about the process.

  • Why people need valuations.

  • How valuations are like investments.

  • The role EBITDA plays in a valuation.

  • The two things owners need to consider during an evaluation.

  • How the income method works.

  • What to look at when comparing markets.

  • The importance of defined end goals.


When you get an valuation of your company, you need to consider your buyer’s point of view. Don’t make it complicated and know when to ask for help. Educate yourself on the process so you aren’t blindsided. Visit our GPX site for some resources and/or get in touch with Brandon for a certified valuation.

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